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"This  website is dedicated to two things by way of three avenues.

Introducing /encouraging people into the Kingdom of Heaven through the ministry of music as well as video & text biblical teachings.


All at no monetary cost to you. Feel free to make a donation of any size to help keep this going.


In the service of The King of kings, & Lord of lords, Jesus Christ."


- Byron Hypolite


Where We Come From?  Various Backgrounds.  Click Here For More Information.

Who Are We?- (Identity)-  Disciples.   Click Here For More Information.


What We Do? -(Our Mission)- Introducing And Encouraging People Into The Kingdom Of God By Way Of The Holy Scriptures (Bible) And Under The Guidance Of The Holy Spirit.

(Matthew 6:10).


Where Are We Going?- Ultimately Heaven. Until Then Growing In The Knowledge And Grace Of Our Lord. (2nd Peter 3:18).

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