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Artist: Byron Hypolite 

Song: The Genesis

Album: Redeemed (2019)

Track: Lexi Banks (Savior) 

Audio Engineer: Brock Sam / Byron Hypolite



Verse 1:


 It all started in the garden, when the God of all creation bargained, two days after he threw Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars in, sixth day created man

 the serpent already fallen from God's plan he hated man, Let me explain


For too long this has been a mystery, listen close

let me reveal to you the devils history


See before time began, before shine and sin

the Father orchestrated all to bring honor to him


Lucifer now known as satan, God's most beautiful creation

was to bring forth the glory of God Ezekiel 28


He was covered with every precious stone 

Not with a tail and a pitchfork, get that out your dome, that's all wrong 


So yea heaven was his first home, 

Where God was the light and shined off of all his stones 


Not only that, he was created to produce them tones, 

He was the hit maker for all of heavens songs


But too many pats on the back from the other angles got him lifted him

The pride in him destroyed him and as a result Got him corrupt 


He chose to be rebellious so the Lord said I'm gon fix him up 

Hey angels, take the lightweight and hit him up



Fell from heaven fast as lightning and was cursed to the earth and expelled forever

Rebellion bet he learned his lesson got him kicked down out of heaven, like adios for ever.


So let us pick it back up again, dealing with us again, sixth day creation of man

The Lords plan, so immense, God’s glance was so advanced, took dust from the earth formed man with his hands and he called it grand


Put him in the garden, purpose, have dominion

Imagine along with me, this is all before the sinning 


When being naked is perfectly legal, freedom to fly around like the eagle

 Have any tree you want just not the one where you'll know good and evil.


If you touch it you gon die, if you touch it you gon die, if you touch it you gon die


But in the shadows lurks the evil who was was waiting to deceive ‘em

“Instead of listening to God, you can be his equal”


So they took the lethal, and that was that

I mean that was death, the rest of that


 Lucifer turned satan bait em

The whole time they conversated with him he slayed ‘em, and caged them, enslaved em, in ways they never imagined, they would ever engage in, yea he straight up played em, such a bad situation


So here comes God, Adam where you at?

“Once second Lord, I'm not dressed yet”  


But you've been naked so the fact that you can see now tells me you've been hanging around that same tree that I told you not to be around


And the wages of sin is death 

Which really simply means that the payment for sin is death


But not just a physical death, I'm talking a spiritual death

Separated from God forever, now hell is deserved


But it don't stop with Adam, we inherit the curse 

To dwell in hell when we leave the earth, don't believe me? Read the verse


Romans 5:12 tells that we goin all see the hearse 

Unless we meet Jesus first, because he defeated the curse


Romans 5:12 tells that we goin all see the hearse 

Unless we meet Jesus first, because he defeated the curse





I'm un esteemed know what I mean I was born in this world unclean, and this is why we need a savior, Christ our savior 

Bitten by the curse of sin, because Adam was the first to sin, he got us in, this is why we need a savior, Christ our savior


I been redeemed, know what I mean? Christ has wiped the slate clean, he is Christ our savior, Christ our savior


Destroyed our sin in his own body buried them then he rose on the third to just justify me, and guide me.

He is Christ our savior, Christ our savior

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