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Artist: Byron Hypolite 

Song: Sin

Album: Redeemed (2019)

Track: Matt Bold

Audio Engineer: Brock Sam / Byron Hypolite




Here it come (watch it), It's deceptive (watch it), You could be next so (watch it), You could be next so hey!



Verse 1:

Inner disease we born with, S-I-N we armed with

And you ain’t gotta tell that young man not to mess up that’s something he’s scorn with


It's inherent, we get it from our parents, not the ones you met but the ones we never met that got us in this mess, but never the less Adam and Eve transgressed against a perfect God in his righteousness And that’s trifling that they destroyed the life of men.. but


But that sound silly to you don't it? (yes indeed)

You claim to be the realest in these streets (let me speak)


Let's say hypothetically someone gunned down your family

Y'all went to court they heard the case and he just plead insanity 


Judge let him off free, now he’s back into society 

You would called that a failed justice system just listen, don't miss it, the point is sufficient 


You expect for that judge to uphold the law, but somehow for God to be different? Thats ignorance

in its worst sense, He didn't hurt men, sin cursed men, then the earth went, so God is a God of justice & sin is the offense against the law that separated man from God who was his first kin, and since then this is the worst it’s been, from the birth of men we all surf in sin on the wave of death till we fade in death


And God is life, so with no God theres, no life, and no life is death, and your life is wrecked and

your life can’t be blessed unless you confess your need for the vet who died in the flesh to chin check sin best they laid him to rest but on the third he did disrespect death and resurrect 


So deceptive, it o'll creep up on ya

Sell you a dream, then o'll beat up on ya




It don't have a face, It ain't got a color, but best believe it'll take you under sin sin sin sin sin sin sin sin 

Ohh, I’m thankful for grace, because it saved a brother and many many others from being taken under 

sin, sin, sin has been defeated, When? 2000 years ago by a man named Jesus



Verse 2

From the rich man to the poor man from the black man to the white man it’s not a skin problem its’ a sin problem that can only be cured by the Christ man, take a look at your life man, no amount of money could make it right man


It's the thing that causes that husband to, to, cheat on his wife man

that one night stand was one night's fall, sin takes all and leaves us broken Why this world the way it is? We all born wrong not right man 


The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life

So just lift your hands and give him glory because you could be burning tonight 


But the blood of Christ has paid the price, for every human being 

Abram stay your knife, cus Jesus has redeemed us 


I used to fiend sin, but I found Jesus sweeter

So if you wondering why I changed my life? Thats the reason




Sin's got a place, the blood its under, When the saints go marching in, I’m in that number, I win win win win win win win win


I'm thankful for grace, because it saved a brother and many many others from being taken under I win, I win, I win I praise Jesus, I win, I win, I win, I thank you Jesus!



Outro: Here it come (watch it), It's deceptive (watch it), You could be next so (watch it!)

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