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Artist: Byron Hypolite 

Song: Reality Check 3

Album: Redeemed (2019)

Track: Christian Hip Hop Hits Just As Hard 

Audio Engineer Brock Sam / Byron Hypolite



1st verse


Got my King James version minus Lebron James 

My people out here hurtin but they playin mind games 


They on the wrong schedule they don't know the times change 

they are still doing the same, this is mundane 


Mayne, life is more than a range, change, & games entangled with bling, & infatuated with fame, Im saying.


Get rich die trying what the culture rehearse

But I ain’t never seen a U-haul behind a hearse  


Because when you die.. you cant take it with ya

Im trying to keep it real I ain’t fakin with ya


Ya'll chasin paper like the change ain’t gon’ change

But what you gon’ do whenever the currency change?


When the government tells you that you cant buy or sell

Unless you take the mark of the beast then you go to hell


Revelation 12:13-18, Revelation 14:9-10

Jesus Christ came, to pull us out of sin I'm on the mic again declaring that we need him


Breathe again, bow my knee to him, sow seed again, and read again to feast on him, to lead me in peace again till we meet again 

I used to live in sin, I used to over boast, Now I don't need a pen I got the Holy Ghost 


Praise be to God that I made it out alive

Truth be told pac didn't make it past 25


Too many young black men, dead or in jail or in a hell cell, behind foolish living 

Who bought into the system that gripped ‘em, gypped em, clipped ‘em, did em, only to rip ‘em, and then forget ‘em  


This is wisdom i'm kickin so listen, lest you be the next victim, i'm exhibiting for the kids and them


Christ comin back either you with him or against him, 

It’s game time not playing time get on the court or stay on the bench with them


Too many fatherless homes, where have the fathers gone? 

I just told you, the devil roaring like a lion, In the street vipers, lure the young men off to repeat the cycle, we need to defeat the cycle


You cant replace daddy, that’s the strong man, once you bind him, then you get the home man, then you get the young man, who turns hard and numb man, with the attitude, now I'm my own man


No you ain’t, cus the only reason you’re breathing is Jesus was bleeding, defeating the demons and diseases 

He overcame legions of evil, and even when we leave him he still treat us with love and peace


So to my thugs in the streets, who’s pushing drugs in the streets, I'm showing love in the streets before Jesus Judge the streets 

To my thugs in the streets who’s pushing drugs in the streets, I'm showing love in the streets before Jesus Judge the streets 





I’m gon’ ride for my people and these lost souls today

Believe Christ gon’ shine, Put his life on the line, no matter what they say


I bring ‘em the good news, the good news, I bring them the good news, the good news

I bring them the gospel, I bring them the gospel, of Jesus





Verse 2:


With the television, we gettiin hell e vision, it’s perverting our children with evil repetition 

Tried to warn them before, but they never listened, I led ‘em to the coast, but it’s their decision


I preach hope, to anyone who care to listen 

But when he shut the door, I pray that I be missing 


So what you yapping about? Because most of these rappers ain't bout what they be rapping bout. 

But they'll influence you to do what they be rapping bout


While they collect checks in corvettes you in the process of taking that tragic route 

The truth hurts so I understand what you mad about 


They trapped in lies, I’m just trying to drag em out

Away from where the heat goes, deceit throws and ego's, the me code, I veto, me goes in beast mode 


No work, but they play hard, only layups they gettin is in that graveyard, 

We all point guards, we like to pass the blame, life is foul but we don't get free throws


Moses of my generation, So tell Pharaoh to let my people go and stop hating

And pharaoh is Satan, the arrow is blatant to the heart of a generation where the narrow is forsaken 


Who hath bewitched you from the truth that you once knew, read the book of Galatians

I’m hasting to case the history of a nation, who has traded moral revelation for immoral devastation in the name of legislation 


It’s devastating, this degradation is breath taking we ain’t put nothing in, but we kept taking, wake up stop snoring and sleeping 

Now we’re bankrupt morally speaking, And our only hope is chapter 13, and the love that he brings, start in verse 4 that's the love that I mean 


And I make no bones about serving the ever living king, I choose to stay clean because cause he ever lives in me, 

Satan prowling to make seem heaven be a dream, while desensitizing them with television screens


The King of kings Jesus is the life, it’s been beyond a want, I need Him in my life

This worlds gone dark like calvary's night, but in the evening time there shall be light, and that light is the Christ

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