Artist: Byron Hypolite 

Song: Jesus

Album: Redeemed (2019)

Track: Matt Bolds

Audio Engineer Brock Sam / Byron Hypolite





He is God in the flesh and He died in the flesh but He rose on the third day

Jesus, Jesus, The one that came to guide us out, the one the prophets prophesied about His name is Jesus, Jesus




Verse 1: 


Born of a virgin, Born in aversion, but that never stopped him from fulfilling the mission, He was determined 

To deliver even the worst sinners, like that German Hitler, or whoever you can think about  


While we were yet sinners, Christ died for all, salvation was free, purchased for you and me on calvary's tree and we could never earn it

It was freely given, by God himself who took upon a body, came to earth and did the job Himself


For every nation, even those who hate Him, Jamaican, Haitian, rapist, racist, atheist, even those in the making 

Every generation, from the age of 12 years old he was preparing to save our souls did away with his own dreams and hopes


And he was no hoax, stop watching that Tv ,He's engraved in our history, we see AD to BC, the year of our Lord, fear our Lord, Jesus Christ is our Lord wouldn't right for more than half of my life, but now i'm here O Lord 






He is God in the flesh and He died in the flesh but he rose on the third day, my God’s name is

Jesus, His name is Jesus, The one that came to save the world, when sin enslaved the world, Jesus did amaze the world, He is Jesus,  my God is Jesus





Verse 2


He turned the water into wine, and the daughters who was crying, don't weep for Him, there's no reason to, but weep for you, & your children to

He cast out devils, healed the sick, opened eyes & raised the dead with the little boys lunch he didn't catch the fish but he blessed the fish and He brake the bread.


He loved the sinner, and he offered forgiveness we didn't know how to do it, so He showed us how to live this

Caused the deaf to hear, yea He opened up them ears, walked on water, calmed the storm, and wiped away their tears 


Came unto His own people and they were the ones that rejected him, the religious leaders were the ones who refused to accept Him


So they schemed on him, set Him up, and had him thrown in jail, but it was all apart of God's plan so we could prevail


Because the perfect sacrifice, had to go to the cross, and give his life as a ransom for what was lost 


And we are that what, and thats why Jesus I trust, He bought peace for us to keep for us and keep us up


He gave His life willingly for everybody, even though He knew that all wouldn't serve Him

Even those who murdered Him, this was absurd to them


They couldn't understand, but God had a plan, to offer up the pure lamb and restore the fam and Jesus bridging the gap that was between God & man







He is God in the flesh and He died in the flesh but he rose on the third day, my God’s name is

Jesus, His name is Jesus, He never changed, He stays the same the one that can heal all of your pain, He is Jesus, His name is Jesus





Verse 3:


Hebrews 4:15, our spiritual morphine, Jesus can feel your pain and Jesus can heal your pain

Every hurt you ever been through He been through without sin to, to cleanse you, He loves you He don't condemn you.


And He was sent to, the broken hearted, Gentiles and Jews to we all need to be open hearted