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Artist: Byron Hypolite 

Song: Death Burial Resurrection 

Album: Redeemed (2019)

Track: Mike James



Verse 1: 


God had a plan long before the devil had one, you ever read the bible? Check out them chapters!

Genesis chapter 3, you know we keep it real, the devil head would be bruised by Jesus’ heel


They hung Jesus him on the cross where he defeated sin, then put him in the grave, where satan thought he’d win, 

but Jesus took our sins, and then he brought em in to the Mariana Trench


Micah 7:19, what a righteous scene, that Jesus Christ would give us life and make us squeaky clean

There was party in hell, demons high fives, “we finally got em ya’ll, had him crucified


For a while there I thought he’d never die”  (knock knock) who’s that? “I don’t know your guess is as good as mine,


Well, get the door and see who is it……

It’s Jesus Christ, He has risen, (are you tripping?) (no I’m not tripping) this is ridiculous, I’m oblivious I had nothing to do with this, it was all his”



Shut up!!! I am the resurrected one, the Son, who has overcome, I have won for everyone 

I have died and was crucified for every lie, and he who lives in me shall never die I have justified every guy and girl out of every generation who would turn to me the savior!







They couldn’t keep my Jesus down (death burial resurrection),They couldn’t keep my Jesus down (death burial resurrection), they couldn’t keep my Jesus down death burial resurrection, they couldn’t keep my Jesus down death burial resurrection (Repeat).

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